Environmental Science Class Presentations and Notes
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Unit1: Introduction to Environmental Science

Chapter 1: Science and the Environment
Section 1:Understanding Our Environment
Section 2: TheEnvironment and Society

Chapter 2: Tools of Environmental Science
Section 1:Scientific Methods
Section 2: Statisticsand Models
Section 3: MakingInformed Decisions

Chapter 3: The Dynamic Earth
Section 1: TheGeosphere
Section 2: TheAtmosphere
Section 3: TheHydrosphere and Biosphere

Unit 2: Ecology

Chapter 4: The Organization of Life
Section 1: Ecosystems: Everything is Connected
Section 2: Evolution
Section 3: The Diversity of Living Things

Chapter 5: How Ecosystems Work
Section 1: Energy Flow in Ecosystems
Section 2: The Cycling of Materials
Section 3: How Ecosystems Change

Chapter 6: Biomes
Section 1: What is a Biome?
Section 2: Forest Biomes
Section 3: Grassland, Desert, and Tundra Biomes

Chapter 7: Aquatic Ecosystems
Section 1: Freshwater Ecosystems
Section 2: Marine Ecosystems

Unit3: Populations

Chapter 8: Understanding Populations
Section 1: HowPopulations Change in Size
Section 2: HowSpecies Interact with Each Other

Chapter 9: The Human Population
Section 1:Studying Human Populations
Section 2:Changing Population Trends

Chapter 10: Biodiversity
Section 1: Whatis Biodiversity?
Section 2:Biodiversity at Risk
Section 3: TheFuture of Biodiversity

Unit4: Water, Air, and Land

Chapter 11: Water
Section 1: WaterResources
Section 2: WaterUse and Management
Section 3: WaterPollution

Chapter 12: Air
Section 1: WhatCauses Air Pollution
Section 2: TheOzone Shield
Section 3:Global Warming

Chapter 13: Atmosphere and Climate Change
Section 1:Climate and Climate Change
Section 2:Forest Biomes
Section 3:Grassland, Desert, and Tundra Biomes

Chapter 14: Land
Section 1: HowWe Use Land
Section 2: UrbanLand Use
Section 3: LandManagement and Conservation

Chapter 15: Food and Agriculture
Section 1:Feeding the World
Section 2: Cropsand Soil
Section 3:Animals and Agriculture

Unit5: Mineral and Energy Resources

Chapter 16: Mining and Mineral Resources
Section 1:Minerals and Mineral Resources
Section 2:Mineral Explorations and Mining
Section 3:Mining Regulations and Mine Reclamation

Chapter 17: Nonrenewable Energy
Section 1:Energy Resources and Fossil Fuels
Section 2:Nuclear Energy

Chapter 18: Renewable Energy
Section 1:Renewable Energy Today
Section 2:Alternative Energy and Conservation

Chapter 19: Waste
Section 1: SolidWaste
Section 2:Reducing Solid Waste
Section3:Hazardous Waste

Unit6: Our Health and Our Future

Chapter 20: The Environment and Human Health
Section 1:Pollution and Human Health
Section 2:Biological Hazards

Chapter 21: Economics, Policy, and the Future
Section 1:Economics and International Cooperation
Section 2:Environmental Policies of the United States
Section 3: TheImportance of the Individual