9th Grade Focus on Success
Ninth grade is a time of excitement and expectation.  It's when young people begin to discover who they are and more importantly, who they can become.  The transition from middle school to high school is a big step in a young person’s life. Our 9th Grade teachers are committed to helping students take the fundamental steps needed for a successful transition while encouraging life-long learning.  Our goal is to assist incoming ninth graders in adjusting to high school standards, expectations, and routines through a variety of educational and social opportunities.

Susan Franklin - 9th Grade Literature/Composition & Honors 9th Grade Literature/Composition
Sarah Syverson - 9th Grade Literature/Composition

Donnie Mendence - Honors Analytic Geometry
Kristi Park - Algebra I
Kendall Roberts - Algebra I & Foundations of Algebra
Melissa Shelnutt - Algebra I & Honors Algebra I

Rhonda Johnson - Physical Science & Honors Physical Science
Ben Woodall - Physical Science

While each teacher has his own classroom management plan, the 9th grade academy teachers work as a team to help students transition from middle school to high school expectations.  One way we try to adjust inappropriate behavior is through lunch detention.  Lunch detention is available only for first time 9th graders.  This is an opportunity for students to be corrected for repeat and moderate offenses without obtaining a front office referral.  

Students may receive lunch detention for the following offenses:

• Second tardy to class
• Disrupting the learning environment
• Disrespectful behavior
• Not following directions
• Not bringing materials to class
• Using profane language or gestures

Students are given a referral form when behavior is not acceptable.  The student is given a reminder the morning that lunch detention should be served which explains the expectations for detention: 

You should report to the lunchroom, get your lunch, and then report to Mr. Cunningham.  Failure to report to Mr. Cunningham and/or failure to observe silent lunch will result in a day being added OR an office referral.

If a student is assigned detention 4 times in one semester, he then receives an office referral for subsequent infractions.