The Career Selection Process

A career choice means more than choosing an occupation. A career includes everything in your lifestyle and will probably determine what occupation you have, where you can buy a home, what kind of car you can afford, what choices of friends you have, the people with whom you work, the way you are able to enjoy leisure time, the kind of retirement you can anticipate and how much you like or dislike your occupation. An occupation choice should be based on the following:

  • Abilities - What you can do physically, mentally and emotionally?

  • Interests - What you like to do, and where you want to spend your time?

  • Availability - Where the jobs are and what opportunities are available?

  • Education - What specific training is required?

  • Opportunities - What you can expect in personal achievements and advancement? can provide information that will help you explore these points in depth. Career choices should be examined carefully as they will impact the quality of your entire life.  At some point in your high school career, you will be given tests that help you understand your interests and abilities and that direct your thinking toward realistic career choices. Try these now!

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