Time for Time Program
This Program is offered to students who earn passing grades in their classes but have exceeded the number of absences allowed by the FCBOE attendance policy. Students must complete one block for every excessive block missed in each class. Upon successful completion of time for time, the student’s grade of NC will be changed to the earned grade. 

   Floyd County BOE Policy JBD-R(1)

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Final course grades of students shall not be penalized because of absences if the following conditions are met:

  1. Absences are justified and validated for excusable reasons.
  2. Make-up work for excused absences was completed satisfactorily.

Students may lose credit for any class in which they have excessive unexcused absences. Excessive absences are defined as absences that exceed three (3) absences in a course that earns one-half (1/2) unit of credit and five (5) absences in a course that earns one (1) unit of credit. Each school shall establish a School Attendance Committee appointed by the principal and chaired by an administrator.  The School Attendance Committee will consider the following in their recommendations:

  1. Whether the absences can be validated by the School Attendance Committee as excused;
  2. Whether make-up work, where allowed, is satisfactorily completed; and,
  3. A passing grade has been earned for course work during the semester.

Eligibility for credit may be restored if recommended by the School Attendance Committee.  The principal has the final decision on this matter.

Students losing credit may participate in the extended year program (ESSO) through SPICE. Students must make up time for time missed.  Students will receive the grade awarded in the regular program upon completing “time for time missed”